Monfalcone Museums

Between art, culture and nature

La Rocca

Built around 490 AD from Teodorico, La Rocca, symbol of the city of Monfalcone, owes its name to the term "Verruca", then contracted into "fortress".


Over the centuries the fortification passed under the dominion of the Patriarchate of Aquileia, of the County of Gorizia and of the Republic of Venice. However, it lost its defensive function around 1600, becoming only a lookout point on the eastern borders of the Republic, until its fall, at the end of the 1700s, by Napoleon. artifacts found in the many surrounding karst cavities.

Theme park of the Great War

You can easily light up the fortified sites enhanced by the Municipality of Monfalcone on the heights behind…


You can easily light up the fortified sites enhanced by the Municipality of Monfalcone on the heights behind the city, where it is structured on three main areas allowing you to visit them separately and choose the itinerary.

Contemporary Art Gallery

The Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art of Monfalcone, inaugurated in 2002 as a result of the restoration of the old covered market, represents one of the largest exhibition spaces dedicated to contemporary art in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.


The main objective of the Gallery is to support and promote research on contemporary visual arts, promoting knowledge even among non-specialized audiences. The Gallery organizes reviews on established artists from the international and local scene and, in order to offer space to new generations, promotes initiatives dedicated to emerging artists and young curators.

Monfalcone nature, culture and entertainment

Monfalcone is not only "the city of construction sites", where the largest and most beautiful cruise ships in the world are built, but it is also nature, culture and entertainment.

Monfalcone Shipyard Museum

The museum of the Shipyard of Monfalcone-MuCa tells the story of the building site and the city through an exhibition itinerary divided into sections.


The only Italian museum specifically dedicated to shipbuilding and its impact on the territory, the MuCa represents an absolute novelty in the national museum scene.

Ecomuseum Territories People and memories between Carso and Isonzo

It enhances the cultural and environmental heritage present in the area between the Karst and the Isonzo to make it known and shared, both with those who are occasional tourists and with those who live and work there.


This section of conservation concerns the set of testimonies of the past and the know-how inherited from the generations that preceded us to foster knowledge and transmission through the active involvement of the inhabitants.

Ancient Walls Gallery

Monfalcone focuses on local artists through the Ancient Walls Gallery


The relaunch of the Antiche Mura Gallery is intended to enhance the artistic expressions of the territory and specific workshops for school and youth activities.
The structure allows to make known and promote other artistic expressive realities offered by the territory of Monfalcone.