Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data
Provisions on the protection of personal data on the website

General provisions
The “company” respects the privacy of every user who visits its website. The conditions relating to the protection of privacy by the “company” describe the methods of data collection and their subsequent use.

Personal data
The “company” will not use its websites to collect data that could reveal the identity of individuals (for example the name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address), unless these data are not provided voluntarily. If you do not want to allow access to your personal data, we ask users not to provide it.

In the event, however, that you decide to provide us with your personal data and, if there are no other provisions on the matter, these will be used for the following purposes: your data will be kept and processed only to better understand your needs and understand how to further improve our products and services. The “company” or the other legal entities operating on behalf of the company for promotional and advertising activities, can use this data to contact it, while the aggregated data (not the individual ones) on the users and / or visitors of the company’s websites can be also forwarded to third parties.

The company does not aspire, either now or in the future, to resell, lend or market the personal data of users to third parties. Parents must be aware that the “company” fully complies with the privacy protection provisions regarding the use of personal data. Data provided voluntarily by children or others within chat rooms, online bulletin boards or similar, may be used by third parties to send unsolicited electronic mail (SPAM). The “company” urges parents to inform their children to use their personal data responsibly and securely when they surf the net.

Notice to parents
The internet page you are visiting right now is a public domain internet page. Some internet sites may be protected by special privacy regulations and not by general protection provisions, which also include provisions regarding minors and their privacy.

The “company” has no intention of collecting personal data from minors, whose age is less than 13 years. If necessary, the company will inform the children with a special notice not to provide personal data on the company’s websites. Otherwise we will use all the rationally possible means to collect from the respective parents the consent for the data provided.
Parents must be aware of the fact that the “Company” will observe the privacy protection provisions in the use of personal data. Data provided voluntarily by children or others within chat rooms, online bulletin boards or similar, may be used by third parties to send unsolicited electronic mail (SPAM). The “company” urges parents to inform their children to use their personal data responsibly and securely when they surf the net.

Additional data, collected automatically
In some cases (without the respective registration procedure) it is possible to collect the technical data relating to the visits of the company’s websites which cannot be used for the identification of persons. An example of technical data is the identification of the search engine used, the identification of the operating system of the computers and the website from which they were sent on the company’s website.

Data, automatically saved on computers – cookies
When you visit one of the company’s websites, you can save some data on your computer that is saved as “cookies” or other similar files that can be used by the company in various ways. “Cookies” give us the opportunity to adapt the website to the wishes and preferences of users. Most search engines offer the ability to delete “cookies” from the computer’s hard drive, prevent the storage of this type of file or notify the user before they can be saved to the hard drive. For more detailed information on these functions, please read the instructions for using the search engine you have chosen or consult the respective “HELP” section.

2. Privacy Policy
What data is collected?
Your data is collected when you place an order, subscribe to our newsletter, answer the questionnaire or fill out any of our forms.
With reservations and registration on our website you may be asked to enter: your name, e-mail address or telephone number. By visiting our website only, however, you may remain completely anonymous.

What will your data serve?
All information we may find from you will be used for the following purposes:
Adapt the offers to your wishes (the information you find helps us to find a personalized approach and better satisfy individual wishes).
Improve our website (based on the information found and your feedback we can continue to improve our website and our offer).
Improve our services (the information found helps us to respond effectively to your needs and requirements).
Sending occasional emails. Your e-mail address guarantees the processing of orders and can be used to send you information and any changes relating to your booking. In addition, it is used to occasionally send our newsletter with the offer related to new products, promotions or other.
Note: If in the future you no longer wish to receive our e-mail, please let us know at the following e-mail address:

Transfer of data / information to third parties (external customers)
Your personal data will not be resold to third parties, as we do not market the personal data of our customers or make them available to external customers. Naturally this does not apply to our external customers, with whom we have a relationship of trust, and who help us in managing the website, our business or who carry out work on its reservations. These relationships will continue only as long as these customers agree that the data, of which they have come to know, as confidential. However, your data may be disclosed, if the company deems it compliant with the provisions of the law, of our information or if such action guarantees the protection of the rights, property or safety of both our company and other people.

Your consent
By using our website, you accept the provisions of our privacy policy.

Changes to the privacy statement
If changes or additions to these provisions are introduced, these changes or additions will be published on this website.

Write us
If you have questions regarding the information and the provisions for the protection of privacy, you can contact us using the contacts below:

Via S. Ambrogio 21 – Monfalcone (GO)
+39 0481 282352